Baby Namings

The birth of a Jewish child is an important milestone in your family.   Whether or not you choose to circumcise your son, or if he is circumcised at the hospital, a meaningful naming ceremony can be held to welcome your newborn home and into the Jewish people.

For boys, the  traditional Brit Milah (“Bris“) is takes place on the eighth day of life, with a Mohel. Modern families also celebrate the arrival of a new son if circumcision does not occur or if  done at the hospital in a non-religious ceremony.  A Jewish name is given and a new life is celebrated.

Families may celebrate the birth and naming of a daughter in a ceremony called a “Brit Bat” or “Brit Chayim”.   The  ceremony can take place anytime after birth, and may be celebrated at home or in a congregation.

Likewise a naming ceremony can be held whenever a family adopts a new child.

Rabbi Lee can officiate at a baby naming either with a Mohel or alone, and can create a celebration which will bring meaning and a Jewish connection to your family’s new arrival.