Interfaith and Civil Weddings

Your wedding should reflect the unique background of life experiences that each of you bring to your relationship.  As so frequently happens today,  a couple may come from different faiths.  Whatever the spiritual path that you and your partner have followed, your wedding ceremony should reflect both your  shared values as well as what makes each of you unique.

Planning an interfaith wedding often exposes issues which are of concern, not only for the two of you, but also for your extended families. Navigating these matters actually creates an opportunity for couples to openly address and discuss difficult subjects.  Rabbi Lee can provide you with insight and offer strategies regarding situations that interfaith couples often face.

The wedding ceremony can become an educational and spiritual moment in which families from two different traditions can come together and find common spiritual ground.  Whether co-officiated with a clergy person of another faith, or conducted by Rabbi Lee alone, your wedding will become a beautiful moment of meaning in which each family becomes more comfortable with their new relatives.  By expressing  values and rituals common to both traditions, each will be honored by your wedding.